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On the 15th of March 2020 Our first event cancellation due to COVID-19. It may have only of been a wedding fayre but little did we know of the storm about to come. I know I wasn't alone just brushing it off like many scares before like Ebola or Bird flu we just thought it would be one of those things to come and go and we wouldn't be affected. But then on the 24th March 2020 reality hit...

At this moment we knew we had to do two things. One: Survive. not just in person but as a business. Two: Do everything we can to safeguard our clients and ensure we can reopen at a moments notice. We have been left behind as an industry and no matter what we did, no matter how loud we shouted we were forgotten by the government in the sense that we are the last to open and have had little to no support. But still we have pushed forward. We have done in the realms of 5 legal events in the last 14 months. Living on shifting sand of rules and regulations ensuring we are able to move any of our clients to their new dates as well as keeping our equipment in check by having it all PAT Tested and updated where possible. We have sterilised our props, brought enough hand gel, face masks to ensure we are safe, and repaired, renewed and refreshed old equipment for new. We have had 2 meetings recently to discuss how we will move forward and our plan for the following months to come.

And also a meeting with some of our staff members.

We have missed the Weddings, the birthdays, the corporate events, going up to London for the Christmas season events. Watching people at their happiest and being a part of their memories. With our company you can be assured that we are working with the latest government guidelines and that we will update our risk assessment and method statement regularly to ensure we are keeping you safe at your event. You will also have that peace of mind that the booking fee we charge is able to be used on any event in the future (subject to availability) that you may have (so no paying twice!). We also have completed our backlog of rescheduled event requests so you can be assured that we will answer your query as soon as possible. We can't wait to be back out there every chance we get and we hope that you choose us for your event so we can post more great photos of people having fun and using our fantastic equipment.

With all our love, Shaun, Bev, Leigh & All the Pink Giraffe, Magic Mirror & 360 Revolution Team x


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