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Why do you not display any prices on your website?

We believe in bespoke fair pricing as every event is different. We ask for you to give us as much information as you can about your event and your expectations so we can tailor a package to you meaning you get the experience you pay for.


Do you do unlimited prints?

Most companies will say ‘Unlimited Prints’ but what this basically means is that you can use the booth as much as you like but you are restricted to 2 copies per session. With all our standard packages per session the Enclosed booth prints 2 x 4x6” or 4 x 2x6” Strips where as our Magic Mirror variation will print 4 x 4x6” or 8 x 2x6” Strips.



Why are some companies able to offer such low prices compared to others? Aren't they all the same?

Not all Photo Booths are the same. A good example of this is the Magic Mirrors we have all come to know and love. The first Mirrors that were introduced were by Fotomaster who are constantly improving their product with new animations, games, green screen, sound, customisation to workflows, customisation to start screen, Gif imaging, video, sign features and much more. Their team remotely support us and other Fotomaster Mirror owners 24/7 even at events so the support we receive as owners is second to none. You do get what you pay for!



When are your peak and off peak times?

As with every company you will find there will be different prices depending on your location, time of your event, time of year, day of the week. As a  general guideline Friday and Saturday evenings are our peak times which means the rest of the week can be cheaper (excluding times like Bank Holidays, Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve where prices will be on peak)


Who designs your templates?

We design our own templates by using 2 of our in house designers.


Can I design my own template?

Yes you can! We can provide a blank template upon receiving your deposit for you to design. Our only request is for you to leave the area where the photo placement is to be transparent and work within our printing borders (6x4 & 2x6)


What methods of payment do you accept?

Online we can only accept BACS via online banking. Apart from that we can accept Cheque & Cash. Please ensure you arrange with us before making payment by Cheque & Cash as these need to be arranged.


How far do you travel?

We will travel anywhere in the UK! Our main haunts are Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, London, Somerset, Surrey, Wiltshire and their surrounding areas so keep in mind traveling further than this will be reflective in the overall cost! In January 2019 we did events in Telford and in Central London!


What power do you require?

A single 13 amp mains power socket is fine. With distances over 5m please let us know so we can bring the adequate extension cables.


Can you set up early?

We can always set up early if arranged prior to the event. In honesty we prefer to as it puts less strain when we are coming back to do the runtime as 90% of the set up is done. We always test the equipment before leaving our HQ and again before we start the event so when setting up early we can rock up focus the camera and put on an outstanding show!


I have a themed event - Can you bring along props to match the theme?

Yes we do cater for lots of different themes so generally we can put in a few themed items. It’s best to talk with us to find out what we can do for you.


Can I have an online gallery which is password protected?

At this moment in time we are looking into a cost effective way to be able to provide this service as an alternative and/or additional service to that of a USB stick, CD or using Facebook.
At Present we offer a USB or WeTransfer/Dropbox of the event photos and with your permission we upload the photos to an online gallery on Facebook



Where can I test and view the booths?

You can find us at Wedding fayres and charity events of which we will post on our ‘See us at’ Page click here for more…


What are the dimensions of your Traditional Enclosed Photo Booths?

Our photo booths are 2.0m (High) x 1.3m (Wide) x 2.3m (Depth) and can fit a maximum of 6 people inside. Whilst these are the dimensions of the Photo Booth please keep in mind we will need a table for the props and guest book


What are the dimensions of your Magic Mirror Photo Booths?

The Magic Mirror Booth is a 5ft high, full length mirror unlike some which are relatively small in comparison. The footprint of the mirror is 3ft wide x 2ft deep. Ideally we need 6ft + of space in front of the mirror.  please keep in mind we will need a table for the props and guest book. This booth can fit 12+ people in a single photo


What are the dimensions of your Beauty Mirror Photo Booths?

The Beauty Mirror Booth is a 6ft high, 38″ wide 360 degrees of jaw dropping design. It has a mesmerizing circular LED light surrounding a 32″ mirror. The footprint of this mirror is 38″ circular diameter wide base with height clearance needing to be at Least 2 meters high. Ideally we need 6ft + of space in front of this mirror.



Where should your Open Air Booths be placed?

For best photo results the Classic Magic Mirror and Beauty Mirror Booths should be placed in a position where there is perhaps a wall, curtain or feature for example a fireplace or a corporate themed backdrop or stand. We think something along these lines gives a great backdrop to the photos showing the venue and surroundings or advertising media.It is not advisable to use the booth in outdoor locations where there is lots of light. We appreciate this is not always possible but think that it is worth considering when looking at suitable position to place the mirror.

An ideal space given would be 3 meters width by 2.5 meters depth on a solid surface



What are the dimensions of your Flower Walls?  

All our flower walls are 3 meters high by 3 meters wide however this can be shortened and some can be lengthened  just let us know what you require and we will see what we can do..


What are the dimensions of your 360 Revolution?

The Space Required is 4 Meters (Width) by 4 Meters (Length)


What are the dimensions of your 4ft LOVE Letters?

The total Width per letter is 2ft (wide) 4ft (High) 1ft depth each DMX cable is up to 2 Meters long which enables the letters to be spread out a bit from each other.


Are you insured?

Yes we are! This is our full time business not a pop up starter company. We are well established and have insurance which covers us up to £10,000,000 PLI Cover wherever we are worldwide.Certificate available on request


Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes all our equipment is PAT tested. Certificate available on request

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