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Magic Mirror By The Flower Wall... How Many Wedding Shows Can We Do By Fall?

So it's official! The wedding fair season has started and we have hit the roads big time! With us being just 7 weeks into 2018 we have showcased at 7 wedding fairs covering some great venues such as The Old Vicarage, Upton House, The Hilton Hotel, Dudsbury Golf Club and the Bournemouth BIC all in the areas of Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire and spoken with hundreds of Brides & Grooms to be already!

Weddings in Bournemouth

Pictured above is one of the larger fairs we have done recently was at the Bournemouth BIC where we spent 3 whole days showcasing the new Beauty Mirror Booth alongside our classic Magic Mirror Booth and selection of Our Flower Walls! For those who have not experienced this amazing product already: The Beauty Mirror Booth is a 69″ high, 38″ wide 360 degrees of jaw dropping design. It has a mesmerizing circular LED light surrounding a 32″ mirror that displays vibrant graphic animations. Described as one of the best alternatives to the Classic Magic Mirror booth it boasts the same levels of selfie fun crystal-clear reflection, vibrant animations, touch based games laced with professional grade photography and printing. When looking at the Beauty Mirror Booth, participants see a perfect combination of their reflection with beautiful graphic animations. It feels like magic, but it is real. Just like our Classic Magic Mirror the clever graphic animations guide and entertain the participants through an interactive process of taking high-quality selfies, signing and stamping them, applying filters; Playing multiplayer touch-based games and finally; printing the creation as a keepsake or sharing it online. In the next couple of weeks you will find us showcasing a range of our products from our Flower walls, Classic Magic Mirror, Traditional enclosed photo booths & our new 360 Revolution all over the country! To keep in with our track record this weekend we will be at the Nothe Fort Wedding Fayre in Weymouth for the afternoon the 1 day events are usually quite quiet at the moment and the space allocated we feel can be a bit tight on occasion not allowing us to express our full potential! Which brings us to The Wedding Showcase!

Somerset Wedding

Check out all the event info here: We are super excited to let you know that we will be exhibiting our biggest stand of the year so far showing everyone what we can provide as innovative entertainment from the Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth To Magic Mirrors To our new 360 Revolution!! The Wedding Showcase is held at The Royal Bath and West Showground on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March! This is Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire’s Biggest Wedding Fayre Event with 100 of the regions finest wedding creatives on hand to offer you inspiration and guidance as you plan your perfect day! With over 100 local wedding professionals, Reception Layouts, The Wedding Style Hub, A Bridal Pop Up Shop, Live Entertainment, Bridal Catwalk Shows and of course, US! There is everything you need under one roof to plan your perfect wedding day!

If you are looking for the ultimate wedding planning experience, The Wedding Showcase is your one stop shop, with so much wedding inspiration, passion and fun under one roof, don't miss your chance to Buy, Book, Try and Hire everything you need as you plan your wedding day. ​So whether

you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey or you just need to finalise the last few details, The Wedding Showcase is the perfect event for you.

Wedding planning has never been so easy we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We are going to be exhibiting at various places all over the south coast and UK Mainland to check out where we will be next visit

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