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Booking Your Dream Venue?

"Sorry we're booked that day"

Words Brides and Grooms dread to hear when they have found the perfect venue for their wedding day. The amount of times we see something pop up on social media or forums from couples looking for an alternative venue as they have either been let down or have left it too late to book at the one they wanted to begin with. So what should take priority? What is more important to you as a couple? Is it the date you are getting married? How close the Church is? The Venue? or the location? Whichever is chosen and whatever takes priority over the other depends on the 2 most important people in any wedding - the couple getting married. But once a venue is found you can start to look at the finer points in what’s included in the venue itself. As you will probably exchange quite a few emails with potential venues & suppliers before you settle on one ensure to keep ALL correspondence from them, even from the venues you don't use and even after your Wedding has happened. Likewise with any quotes, contracts and terms and conditions you get sent, especially if you've signed them. If something goes wrong or there is a dispute over money, you'll need to know your side of the story! If your venue is a hotel, or other type of space that provides a wedding service (rather than the local village hall or sports and social club) they should provide you with a Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Planner. When considering the timing & plans with the wedding planner or coordinator ensuring that your suppliers are in full contact with them as well can be key for smooth flow of your day. This will be particularly important for venue dressers, florists, cake makers, and entertainers. To get that ‘smooth flow’ it is important that the preparations for their arrival and ensuring that access to the venue with enough time beforehand to allow them to complete all the setup that they need. If the set up can’t be done beforehand ensure that you don’t have people who are there to enhance your wedding coming and bothering you whilst you are celebrating with your family to ask simple questions you have employed the wedding coordinator to deal with this. This person is key to the preparation of your wedding, and should be able to answer any questions you might have about your venue, things you might want to know include:

  • Can I hold my ceremony here?

  • How much is the deposit ?

  • When does the balance need to be paid?

  • Do you do menu tasting? when can we book this?

  • What happens if I have to cancel my Wedding?

These are just a few of the questions to ask. I will soon be releasing a full list of questions you should ask your venue and another for the questions you should ask your suppliers.

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