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A Fresh Look

Its been a little while in the making, but we finally have a fresh looking website up and running, and to add to it, this is our first ever blog! EVER! So for this one we will keep it short and sweet.

We were actually the first people in the land to boast a Magic Mirror, which seems like a bold claim, but its true, and since those early days we have added more mirrors, more booths, flower walls and so much more.

There have been countless weddings, parties, corporate events, loads of celebs (most of which we cant share with you) that have used our magic mirrors.

We love what we do, its a great industry to be part of, and joining so many couples on their wedding day has been a wonderful experience.

The recent launch of our 360 Revolution & Beauty Magic Mirror only adds to our continued place as a market leader in what we do. We dont like to stand still, we dont like to follow, we just want to push from the front bringing you the newest products in the world of photo booths!

So, how was that first blog? Ropey we know, but stick with us, we will get better and better, much like everything we do!

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