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Take a look at a recent corporate event at the London Eye

Mirror Booth for Corporate Events

Magic Mirror Booth offers a unique service to our corporate clients for a range of events, from brand and product launches to parties we can do it all. We understand that every event is unique and we will tailor every part of the experience so your audience have a lasting memory of your brand, or if it’s a party, have a great time.

The Magic Mirror has been provided to a large number of corporate clients across the entire country over the last few years with amazing results and feedback.

Customising the Mirror

Every brand and event is different and we can customise the mirror to match, with LED frame lighting that can be set to any colour, custom animations and screens, even games can be included.

When your guests leave they will take away a printed copy of their pictures which is a great marketing tool as this too can be branded either by us or you.

Social Media

The social station is great for getting your brand out there, with custom text and hashtags for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram people love sharing their pictures.

We also offer an email option and this can be entirely customised with HTML which means professional looking emails with lots of branding opportunities.

What Makes the Magic Mirror Different?

Unlike traditional photo booths the Magic Mirror is not enclosed, this means it is easier to set up, takes up less room and more people can get in each photo. The mirror also offers many features including -

  • A choice of 1,2,3 or 4 photos
  • Instant prints
  • Option for people to sign their photos on screen
  • A screaming / clapping contest
  • Games
  • Animations and LED ring around the camera to get great photos every time
  • Video recording feature
  • Animated GIF of photos

Want to know more?

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